Action camera rent

Rent a helmet action camera on your rafting trip!

Tour photos

Weekend tours are at all times accompanied by a photographer, who takes photos and videos on several points of the river, which can make your trip an unforgettable and everlasting memory.
You can download the pictures and videos a few days later from our server.

The price of the pictures in advance booking 5 EUR
Canoe for 2-3 people: 10 EUR/ canoe
Raft for 4-8 people: 20-30 EUR / raft

The price of the pictures after the trip:  8 EUR / person
Canoe for 2-3 people: 16 EUR  / canoe
Raft for 4-8 people raft: 30-40 EUR/ raft

Capture your rafting trip from your view!

Gopro kamera a még teljesebb élményért

As a unique company in Hungarian and Central European region, we offer this new feature.
Hire a helmet-mounting waterproof camera take pictures and video from your own view, later you could show them to your grandchild. The camera is cable to take a 2 hours video with audio, or you can set it up to takes pictures in every 5 second.

The rental price: 20 EUR/ program

The price includes: a 139 grams camera
16GB Memory Card (full HD video, about 8 minutes 1 GB)
Uploaded items
Access to the server to download images
DVD in case with cover + 3 EUR

If you want to get your movie and pictures on DVD, it is 3 EUR

Programs you can rent camera for: