About us

What is fröccs ?

Have you ever heard about the special Hungarian wine & soda drink: fröccs? Well, if you have or you havn't even tried it, you can probably imagine how relaxed and easy atmosphere some glasses of this drink can create... but the word ’fröccs’ in Hungarian also means ’splash’. Well, as for us at FRÖCCS White Water Club, we do our best to create the great atmosphere, and we also make sure that non of our guests leave the water without a healthy splash competition at the end of each of our trips.

Our team of 14 qualified and experienced guides offers you an unforgettable weekend in Slovenia, on the emerald water of the River Soca. We have been organizing adventure programmes every weekend from early April until the middle of October here since 1997.
FRÖCCS White Water Club is a member of the Association of Hungarian White Water Clubs (VTMSZ) http://www.vtmsz.info.hu
Since 2003 we are a registered white water company in Slovenia as well and our leaders are certificated white water lifeguards qualified by the Lifeguard Examination Board of the The Republic of Slovenia.

Join us and you can learn the basics of white water paddling and you can find yourself in the adventurous world of mountains and rivers where you can discover the natural curiosities and the historical heritage of the area. We invite you to explore the most exciting white water river in Europe and to enjoy it’s natural beauties.